Steel Siding

If you want some peace of mind before the storm, steel siding may be the choice for you. Steel siding is thicker and heavier than other types of siding, making it more durable against hail and wind. With proper maintenance steel siding can last up to fifty years. Plus steel is 100% recyclable and doesn’t absorb water, crumble or rot like other materials.

Quality design

  • Tighter Seams: Weather Resistant and a Finished Look
  • Fade Resistant – SunMaster50™ Paint System
  • Easy to Maintain – Durable Siding for Long-Lasting Beauty
  • True Cedar Look – Real Look of Cedar Siding Boards

Classic look

  • Resists the Elements – Rain, Hail, Snow, etc.
  • Longevity – ROI, High Perception of Steel
  • 100% Recyclable – Sustainable Material

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Steel siding by Morgan & Myers

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